Micro Spoons & Jigs Candy Plastics Munchies 12pk

By Micro Spoons & Jigs
All Candy Plastics soft plastics are 100% hand made, Made in the USA products! The attention to detail on these products is amazing and so is their fish catching ability. The passion that this husband and wife team puts into these products is apparent in the quality. These baits not only look cool, but they catch fish just as well as they catch your eye. These baits have proven themselves effective on both the hard and soft water seasons. They have produced limit catches of just about every game fish and panfish species that you can think of.

The Munchie is a 1 1/4" bait with eyes bigger than its stomach. And this eating disorder is apparently contagious, because it usually extends to every fish that sees it. The thin, yet deep bellied profile of this bait mimics baby panfish perfectly and gets bit very hard by big panfish and opportunistic game fish as well. 12 per pack

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