13 Fishing Tickle Stick

By 13 Fishing
13 Fishing is proud to introduce the NEW Tickle Stick Ice rod series, a revolutionary ice fishing rod which renders spring bobbers obsolete. Yes, that is right, no more cutting, taping, melting, having them roll over, or not sit straight. You can flick your remaining spring bobber supply from last season at your friends tinkering with theirs, because you will never have to deal with another spring bobber again. There is no doubt that spring bobbers have been an invaluable tool for ice fishermen by allowing them to detect very subtle strikes that would otherwise go unnoticed. But because the bite can only be seen and not felt, countless strikes go unnoticed by momentarily distracted anglers each season. This is where the Tickle Stick changes the game by broadening the angler’s ability to react to a strike visually, but also by feel; all without the headaches associated with using a spring bobber.
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