Kustom Kicker 2K Dock Monkey

By Kustom Kicker Jigs
The 2K Dock Monkey Jig is made for flipping and skipping into the heaviest cover a lake has to offer. The bottom of the jig head is perfectly designed with a wide flat bottom for skipping, while the sleek design of the nose will cut through the toughest vegetation on the water. Copper-tied with Living Rubber and multi-colored silicone these skirts offer the best body and color combinations on the market. To finish this jig off we added a 3D eye and the strongest, sharpest hook that Gamakatsu offers to ensure perfect hook sets time and time again!!!

  • 1/2 oz 
  • 60 Degree flat eyelet 
  • Heavy Duty Weedguard 
  • 5/0 Gamakatsu Flipping Hoook 
  • Living Rubber & Silicone Skirt 
  • Copper Tied Skirt Collar 
  • 3D Eyes
$4.49 to $4.99
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