Bondy Prophet Crankbait

By Bondy Bait Co
The new 'Bondy Prophet' crankbait is a multi year project by Jon Bondy to make an indestructable crankbait featuring the size and shape of the Original Bondy Bait. This bait is made from solid plastic with through wire construction, 5/0 VMC round bend hooks and features a custom cut 1/8" thick aluminum lip which is cemented as well as screwed in. It is 7.5" long, 4.4 oz and is made for predators like lake trout, pike and musky. This is the shallow model with deep version coming soon. It dives 2-3 feet casting and deeper when trolled.

Length Weight Diving Depth
7.5" 4.4 oz 2-3 ft.
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