Blood Run Cadence Ice Fishing Mono

By Blood Run

Cadence™ Ice Fishing Mono Main Line from Blood Run Tackle is the next step in ice fishing line technology.

Drawing from mountains of feedback and wishlists from our ice fishing pro's, we have put together the complete package of lines to keep the action hot on the ice.

Our Cadence™ Solid Gold is the perfect opaque (solid) color to allow for high visibility inside dark ice shelters or for tightline techniqued fisherman. The problem with standard (translucent) mono lines in dark shelters or when you are detecting sensitive bites is that they are difficult to see.  

Cadence™ Solid Gold allows for even the most subtle bite detection without the need for ultra sensitive rods or spring bobber tips.   Simply drop your line, and if it coils down to the surface, you are hooked up!   If your line drops straight down, nobody is home!   Most anglers miss 90% of bites because of undectection, even with spring bobbers.

The fluorocarbon coating on this buoyant-neutral mono main line allows for great abrasion resistance protection cutting across transducer cables and sharp objects inside the shelter and during transport.

The natural buoyant neutral mono core allows for the perfect drop off ice fly reels, completely controllable by the fisherman. Tipped with a small section of our Cadence™ Ice Fluorocarbon Leader, line drop speeds are under perfect control for taking suspended fish on the fall.

Our Cadence™ Arctic Blue is a hi-vis blue anti-freezing mono line, perfect for fishing outside the shelter in sunny conditions. The anti-memory non-freezing aspect of this line is perfect outside of the heated ice shelter where other lines tend to become more brittle.

Cadence™ Solar Yellow is a hi-vis yellow mono line perfect for outside in dark conditions.   The "light-piping" effect of this translucent solar yellow allows for high visibility in cloudy and overcast conditions.

The neutral buoyant capabilities of Cadence™ Arctic Blue and Solar Yellow again allow for complete drop control with no line twist. Perfect for ice fly reels.

Cadence™ Solid Gold available in 3lb test 100 yard spools.

Cadence™ Arctic Blue available in 2lb test 100 yard spools.

Cadence™ Solar Yellow available in 2lb and 4lb test 100 yard spools.

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