HWI Tight Line Extreme Reel

By Ice Hopper

From the makers of the Sonic Ice Hopper, comes the Tight Line Extreme Reel! This is the next logical step in the evolution of ice fishing reels. It addresses all of the issues that ice fishermen experience when ice fishing. The Tight Line Extreme Reel is an ultra-light weight, durable, geared "fly reel", with a uni-directional or one-way ball bearing drive, that won't twist your line or break the piggy bank! 

Check out these performance driven features:

  • Fast Line retrieval: 12" per handle turn
  • Ultra light weight: 3.7 oz.
  • Warm to the touch: Graphite frame
  • Easy to grip: dual, soft touch handle-knobs
  • Durable: ball bearing drive with center pin supported on both sides
  • True No-Twist/Straight Line performance: Line comes off the top of spool
  • Versatile Rod Grip: Able to Pencil Grip or top grip
  • Drag: Fully adjustable with unidirectional bearing (drag engages only going out)
  • Reel Orientation: Right and Left hand capable.
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