HWI Banana Jig

By Hard water innovations
Ok, so it doesn't look exactly like a Banana. It kinda looks like some sort of worm or even maybe a small minnow. It has a super high quality epoxy painted finish and even has 3D eyes on the two larger sizes. But after we tank tested it, it seemed to jiggle and dance like a banana on a string. What, you never hung a banana on a string? Anyway, fish in our tank just went nuts when we tested it and we had to pull the jig out before we hurt all of them.

Ok, so we have a pretty wild imagination at SDI. It really makes you wonder about us, somehow we started singing that crazy peanut butter jelly time song while we were tank testing this thing. Now whenever we tie one on, we can't help but sing that darn song... This jig has a long curved profile that jiggles and dances like crazy. It fishes soft plastics and live bait equally well and has sticky sharp Black Nickle Mustad hooks. We think that this bait is going to become one of your goto panfish baits. Plus your going to drive your friends nuts as you catch fish and sing that goofy peanut butter jelly time song...then you can tell them it's all our fault.

Jigs Sold Per 2

#10 1/64oz
#8 1/24oz
#6 1/12oz
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