Sonic Ice Hopper Bracket Pro

By Ice Hopper
Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 7,746,727

The Sonic Ice Hopper Pro is the ultimate ice fishing electronics accessory. It is 100% made in the USA from heavy duty 1/8" thick aluminum and anodized green to prevent corrosion. Following in the footsteps of the original Sport (SP) and longer (XL), the Pro is telescopic. It can be used nearly as short as the SP or extend 1/2" longer than XL. The telescopic feature allows the Pro to fit neatly into any 5 gallon bucket, yet extend outward to a position that is comfortable for the tallest ice fishermen. It can accommodate all Vexilar, Humminbird and Marcum flashers (except the LX-7), plus the Lowrance X-67 and X-68 or other similar sized LCD units.

The Pro also accepts the Vexilar FS-100 and 200 camera systems with same adaptor brackets used on the Humminbirds.

If that's not enough the Pro will also allow simultaneous mounting of your favorite flasher and any Vexilar camera system. That means you can carry all of your key electronics in one hand and run off of one battery.

The Pro not only telescopes in and out, bit it also folds. The folding feature allows the user to to view either a camera monitor or flasher while standing over the unit or while sitting in their ice shelter. It also makes long carries on the ice more comfortable due to improved balance and takes up much less room during transport.

There are numerous, strategically placed holes that allow for an endless number of rod holder, flasher, monitor and accessory configurations. You now have the ability to customize your set up to the way that suits you. 
  • Made in USA Rugged anodized 1/8" aluminum 
  • Accepts most ice fishing flashers 
  • Allows for easy one handed carry 
  • Allows numerous rod holder positions 
  • Provide for convenient transducer carry
  • Comes with on rod holder
  • Comes with battery cable extenstion. 

Pro Features:
  • Telescopes from 11.5"-15" from bucket edge 
  • Folds up to extend 7.5" from bucket edge H
  • olds Vexilar camera monitors and flashers simultaneously 
  • Allows viewing of most flashers in folded position, from a shanty 
  • Allows viewing of many flashers while folded, with user standing directly above (excluding Humminbird and LX-7) 
  • Takes up less room in folded position for transport Better balance for long carries when folded Telescopes to fit within a standard 5 gallon bucket
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