HWI Ice Slammer Tight Liner Combo

By Hard water innovations
We have married up our Ice Hopper Tight Liner Reel with our Ice Slammer rod to make one heck of a one two punch of ice fishing awesomeness! The Ice Slammer ice rod series is a new addition to the Ice Hopper product line. This rod series offers the serious hard water angler 6 unique application specific rods with premium features at a very modest price point.

Features include:
  • -Fast taper Blanks 
  • -Stainless Steel guide rings 
  • -Split Grip Cork handles 
  • -Thru handle blanks 
  • -Premium Gloss Black finish 

Whether you're sight fishing for bluegills in a tiny one man shelter or runn'n and gunn'n lakers out on a chunk of Canadian ice, there is an Ice Slammer rod that is up to the task.

The Tight Liner reel is a super light graphite composite, large arbor spool designed for anglers that want high end performance at a rational price. Our reel features a large washer design, fully adjustable drag and one way directional ball bearing. This unique bearing allows the anglers to reel up line with zero resistance on the spool yet set their drag to play-out larger fish when needed. The Tight Liner also features an oversized handle for easier grip with gloves or mittens. The large 70mm spool diameter picks up line quickly and eliminates line twist and that annoying line coil memory often associated with smaller spool diameters.
$29.99 to $36.99
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