Ultra iSlammer Jig

By Hard water innovations
Lure designers look to nature for inspiration for lure designs everyday. That is no different here with the Ultra iSlammer Jig. In the fish world hydrodynamics are import in determining how fast a fish can move through water. One of the most efficient fish on the plant is the Blue Fin Tuna.  Their basic shape allows for minimal drag when it moves through the water. So we used the basic shape of the tuna to bring you a jig that will give you many benefits like improved sink rate, improved tracking when being fished vertical in high current, and a large side profile to allow us to apply more of our “eye” catching paint jobs.

These jigs come in three sizes; 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4oz. We have had these poured right here in the USA around a 6/0 Mustad Ultra Point 90 degree hook. These 6/0 hooks will sit back ferther into plastics but not so far that it will effect the action of the Fin-S, Wyandotte Worm or Wally Min’R. They are also great for fishing 6 and 7 inch worms commonly thrown from shore on the upper St. Clair River here locally.
  • Baked on powder coat finishes 
  • Super glow and UV finishes 
  • Wire plastic keeper 
  • Massive 6/0 Black Nickel Mustad Ultra Point Hooks

Ultra iSlammer Jigs are the highest quality deep water, river walleye jig on the market. They are designed to hold soft plastic baits, take the abuse of river fishing and hold trophy sized walleye in rivers like the Detroit River, St. Clair and Mississippi River systems. No other jig will hold delicate baits like the Wyandotte Worm, Wally Min'R or Fin S (finesse minnow) more securely without damage.
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