Roadside Minnows Nano II 1.75

By Roadside Minnows
Roadside Minnows Nano II 1.75

The Nano II might be a little bit large for some ice fishermenat 1.75", but not for me when I'm chasing high riding trophy crappie, deep water jumbo perch or discriminating walleye. And then there's the open water applications which are endless. Like all Roadside Minnows baits, the Nano II is hand crafted here in Michigan and fills a much needed nitche for a larger profile ice plastic. This limited but complete selection of colors is a must have addition to any crappie, walleye or perch angler's arsenal. I'm guessing trout and bass anglers will also find these baits effective. 

Drop shot or jigging presentations will all work!

6 per pack
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