HRT Polish Perch Fry

By HRT Lures
Poland is known for having lots of huge perch and pike. This makes super life-like perch imitations a valuable commodity in any ice fisherman's arsenal. Our friends at Hester are experts at making baits to feel these species. We experimented here with them on Lake St. Clair. We only really had stock on one color "natural perch". Once word got out on how these little buggars performed, they were all gone before we ever got them up on the web.

So we are pleased to finally introduce to you the Polish Perch Fry. This tiny jigging minnow or balance style jig is only 1.5" over all and weighs just under 3/16 oz or 5 grams for you metric guys. The actual painted body is a mere 3/4" long, which is the perfect length to imitate young of the year fry up here in the slow-to-grow ice belt. This little panfish and predator killer is available in 5 proven color patterns. Two of the colors use Hester's amazing life like finishes and the other three are our own proven local perch patterns. The Polish Perch Fry uses sticky sharp VMC hooks and also has bright red sleeve on the hook to add even more strike stimulating action.

Get'm while you can! Before our local guys snatch'm all up again.
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