Northland Fish-Fry Minnow Trap

New Sonic Vibrating Blade Baits with Fish-Photo-Image™ Patterns that Clone & Replicate a “Young-of-the-Year” Baitfish Minnow Fry!
The FISH-FRY MINNOW® TRAP is a new ReplicaSeries™ of sonic Live-Forage® vibrating blade baits that clone and replicate a “young-of-the-year” baitfish minnow fry to perfection. They are hand sculpted, and molded from light weight zinc to provide a darting crippled baitfish action when jigged, pumped or cast and retrieved. Custom printed Live-Forage® HD Fish-Photo- Image™ patterns “match-the-hatch” and mimic a live minnow that fish cannot resist. It mimics a “young-of-the-year” minnow fry and fools ‘em!
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