Roadside Minnows Nano Fry

By Roadside Minnows
Roadside Minnows Nano Fry

The Nano Fry is the bench-mark for ice fishing soft plastics. It's 1" over all length, oversized head to tail ratio, bulging 3-D Eyes and whippy soft tail are all that any ice angler needs. No other ice plastic on the market looks more like a fish fry than these little dudes. Every Nano Fry is hand made in the USA, by fishermen for fishermen! These are a labor of love.

Choose between all kinds of different colors. Some of the colors are crazy natural, with subdued colors, some are super bright, designed to get a fish's immediate attention and others glow super bright and in a wide range of colors.

We haven't seen baits like these since the Candy Plastics Domination Fry.  The Nano Fry is sure to be a hard to stock ice fishing bait!

6 per pack
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