SI Flies Simcoe Bug

By SI Flies
SI Flies Simcoe Bug

Simcoe Bugs' history traces back to their namesake Lake Simcoe in Ontario Canada, which is located North of Toronto. These baits are relatively heavy for their size with an inner lead body and tungsten bead head. They were originally designed for deep water perch but are also awesome on many other panfish species and other game fish as well. They are incredibly durable and sport super sharp AHREX hooks.  These baits have a tantalizing wobble when jiggled that drives even negative fish crazy! 5.5mm Tungsten heads on Ahrex hooks

Sold one per pack or in ProPacks

FL ProPack comes with all 7 FL series colors

Hook: Size 10
Weight: 1.4g  - 1/20oz
Length: 10mm - 7/16"

Hook: Size 8
Weight: 1.7g  - 1/17oz
Length: 12mm - 1/2"

Hook equiv: Size 4
Weight: 2.6g - 1/11oz
Length: 17mm - 11/16"  
$3.99 to $26.49
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