Sunline FC Ice Line Premium

By Sunline
Sunline specializes in manufacturing some of the smallest diameter to strength lines in the world.Thier latest US offering FC ice Premium is 100% flurocarbon that combines small diameter and high strength.Testing was done under many ice conditions to develop this final product featuring high abrasion resistance against sharp ice edges.It has low memory for better bite detection and improved handling in extreme cold environments.

  • Low memory
  • High abrasion resistance against sharp ice edges
  • High strength to diameter
  • Excellent knot strength 

Comes in two colors: Clear and Hi-Vis Gold

Strength (lb) 1 2 3
Standard Dia. (inch) 0.0043 0.0052 0.0061
Standard Dia (mm) 0.109 0.133 0.155
Sorry, no product is currently available for the selected options.