Heavy Metal Round Ball Keeper Tungsten Jig

By Ice Hopper
The Keeper Series Round Ball Tungsten (wolfram) jigs have longer shank hooks than traditional tear drop shaped tungsten, plus a wire keeper barb right next to head. The wire keeper innovation on a tungsten jig virtually eliminates having your soft plastic bait being pulled off. It will also help keep live bait like wax worms from from being stripped off so easily as well.

These jigs really shine when using longer plastics like Jumbo Wedgees, GoJo Magnums, MicroSpoons & Jigs Fat Head Frys, Luv Nubs, Pan Fish Assassins... Whatever your favorite long profile plastic is, these jigs will help to keep it in place to catch fish during the ice fishing or open water seasons!

Choose from 5mm, 6mm or massive 8mm sizes. We have genuine gold or sliver plate and our hand painted in the USA epoxy paint finishes. We use only the best UV and super glow pigments in our paints! Clearance Get Them while you can!

5.5mm 1.5g 1/20oz #12
6mm 2.0g 1/14oz #10
8mm 5.1g 1/6oz #8
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