2inch Dual Fluid Bed w/2 cups

By Hard water innovations
A fluid bed allows powder paint to be suspended in air to approximately twice its normal volume inside the units interchangable cup.  By "fluidizing" the powder, quality and control of the paint application are greatly improved over trying to dip into stagnant powder.  In other words, the powder paint will look and feel like water at a slight boil making it easier to dip heated jigs and spinner blades into the paint and to allow a thinner, more even coat of paint.  This will save time and money by using less paint per jig.  Also with a thinner coat, there is less chance of drips forming during the final curing process.  Jig eyes remain open and clear of paint.  A fluid bed is a must for large jigs.  Once you use a fluid bed to powder paint your jigs or spinner blades, you will never go back to the old way of dipping the jigs in a jar.  The powder cup is removable so you could have multiple powder cups with a different color in each cup to make changing colors easier. The fluid bed comes with one reusable powder cup complete with lid.  To change colors in the powder cup, simply dump the paint out of the cup back into the jar and wipe or vacuum out the rest.  For more information on using a fluid bed, check out the step-by-step instructions link below. 

Note: We use a few different brands of air pumps, all of which we have tested to verify they work properly.  The air pump you receive may be different than the one in the picture.
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