HWI Mantis Jig

By Ice Hopper
The Mantis jig gets it's name from its Mantis shaped head and pronounced eyes. The Mantis is a perfectly balanced, horizontal lead jig with a tantalizing glide and subtle wobble. The relatively wide, flat top of the Mantis provides a strong signal to your electronics, allowing the angler to turn down his gain in the weeds to see the jig and fish clearer.

All Mantis jigs have UV Glow colors on top and ultra brite glow bellies, which are perfect for drawing the attention of big panfish lurking below. Drop the Mantis down and watch how it pulls fish up from below. All Mantis jigs have premium quality, sticky sharp, round bend hooks for packing lots of live bait, hooking minnows or presenting your favorite soft plastic.

#10 Hook- 1/32 oz
 #8  Hook- 1/24 oz
 #6  Hook- 1/16 oz

2 Per Pack
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