By Talonz
The Slasher series is a Lake ST. Clair style trolling lure. They have been designed with wander,durability and beauty in mind. All Slashers are built from western red cedar and use all stainless steel hardware. Hooks are 375 Eagle Claw lazer sharp. Paint is Createx water based acrylic and top coats are Envirotex. All screweyes are epoxied in for added strength. All  size Slashers come in jointed or straight versions.

The SLASHER is 7 inches long  and built from western red cedar. Proven on Lake ST. Clair and many other lakes since 2006. Trolls to 5 mph best at 4.3 mph. Mid depth reaching 7  to 9 feet

The STUBBY  magnum Slasher is 8 inches long  and built from western red cedar. It is the upscaled version of our new Stubby. This Lure was tested in 2010 and 2011 with very promising results including several fish over 50 inches.
$25.00 to $40.00
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