Big Joshy Goby

By Big Joshy
The Big Joshy Goby is hand poured here in the USA. This is one of the best designed soft plastic, Goby baits we have ever seen. The eye pupils seal deal for absolute realsim! 

Big Joshy Gobies look and move like the real thing

  • Perfect for twitching on a drop shot rig, or try dragging and hopping on a jig.

  • Hand made, one of a kind design with ultra lifelike details, action, and colors.

  • Buoyant enough to stay horizontal on a drop shot hook for a very natural presentation.

  • Designed to optimize durability without sacrificing action. 

  • Excellent where Gobies are present, but equally effective in lakes in rivers containing Darters, Sculpins, Bullheads, and other fish of a similar profile.

Looks like a real fish.  Acts like a real fish. Catches fish everywhere.

5 pack of 3.5" Big Joshy Gobies

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