Drop-Shot Panfish Rig

By Hard water innovations

The Pro Series Drop Shot Panfish Rig is designed for use with either premium panfish plastics or live bait. The super sharp hooks are free to spin on the main line, while the bead holds the hook at just the perfect angle for optimum upper lip hook sets. All you need to do is add your favorite soft plastic or live bait and a small bell sinker. Then you are free to jiggle, shake or thump it on the bottom for your favorite panfish. 

These rigs also fish fantastic on a slip bobber rig, suspended off the bottom. The secret behind these rigs success is that you can impart subtle action to the baits and as soon as the fish touches it, you instantly feel it through the main line. It is also very difficult for fish to swallow the hook, making live release more frequent. Traditional crappie or perch rigs with 3-6" droppers or snelled hooks dilute your action and the subtle pressure of your finicky quarry. 

Please note that we are currently transitioning from a standard eagle claw 214RM hook to a 203RM (sickle hook). Eventually all of the perch rigs will have the sickle style. If you place an order please understand that we can not gurantee which style was used per a given size or color.  

The Drop Shot Panfish Rig eliminates those problems! 

$2.19 to $2.39
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