EuroTackle Z-DARTER V2

By Eurotackle
EuroTackle  Z-DARTER V2

For the last decade, gliding and darting baits have taken the fishing world by storm. Once thought of as a lure category exclusive to ice fishing, they are now being used more by open water fishermen than ever before. Walleyes, Panfish, Trout, and Bass are all very willing to eat these reactionary baits.

Some of you might remember our original Z-Darter. Even if it was a very effective jigging minnow, a few more years of bait designing lead us to find a few improvements that would make it the ultimate jigging lure. After 2 years of development and testing we are extremely proud to introduce the Z-Darter V2.

Z-Darter V2 advantages :


  • 360 Rotating Belly Hook

  • Free Swinging Tail Hook

Rattle System

  • Attract fish from the distance with a loud rattling noise     

Molded Tail Fin

  • The Z-Darter V2 Tail is part of its body and offering extreme durability.

ABS Built

  • Our jigging minnow body is built from ABS polymer allowing a very detailed and realistic design as well as a durable painting method.

Extreme Darting Action

  • Thanks to its hydro-dynamic shape and a perfect internal balance system the Z-Darter V2 will shoot at distances you've never seen before,
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