Ice Hopper Flat Line II Ice Fishing Rod

Ice Hopper Flat Line II Ice Fishing Rod

By Ice Hopper
Ice Hopper Flat Line II rods have flat tapered, solid fiberglass blanks that extend all the way through the cork handle and have clear finish. The unique off-set top and bottom taper of the flat blank provides plenty of power, while still giving the ice fisherman a super sensitive, very easy to see spring bobber like tip. Reel cork handles minimize weight while synthetic burl front and rear trim provide functional elegance.

Try turning the rod 90 degrees for a completely different feel and lure action. You'll be mamzed at the difference of feel.

New for 2020/21 Ice Season
Our new 19" model is for the hard-core-sight fisherman or super in-tight applications like on a bucket on a windy day. The combination of short length and flat tip give every angler the choice of soft tip swimming presentaions or hard tip shaking! 

The 24" model is perfect for tight quarters in an ice shelter as a sight rod or for that stealthy, elbows-in-tight, hole hopper. 

The 32" model is designed for use in larger shelters or as a stand-up, open ice, run and gun rod. It can also be used as a dead stick too.

All Flat Line II rods come with cold snap bands preinstalled for eas, secure reel positioning. All 3 models are designed to fish 1-4# line.

**We just recently set up tier pricing for orders with ice rods or rod blanks because USPS started adding a huge surcharge for items over 24". There is a price break point from $14.99 down to $7.99 when you hit 10 rod blanks and/or rods. Generally rods and blanks will be shipped using USPS Ground and Not Priority Mail..

Note: Clearance rod Sale does NOT include reel bands
$29.99 to $34.99
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