Liquid Willow Cat Finesse Tail with Beaver Tail Scent

By Liquid Willow Cat
Liquid Willow Cat Finesse Tail with  Beaver Tail Scent

The Finesse Tail is a made in USA micro plastic from Liquid Willow Cats out of Winona MN. These baits are specially scented with beaver. Yeah, that’s right, we said beaver. Apparently it’s really a thing in MN and it really works. And if the scent isn’t enough, these 1 1/8” long tiny segmented soft plastics look amazing and have awesome action. The colors are even spot on with only the fishiest shades of each color. You can truly tell they were designed by someone that catches fish for a living.

These baits baits come packaged 18/pack in a plastic snuff style cup. That’s a lot of unique, quality, made in the USA plastics for the money!
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