Ice Hopper Creepers

Ice Hopper Creepers

By Ice Hopper

Ice Hopper Creepers are still the highest performance and best value ice traction aids for larger style pack boots available!

Ice Hopper Creepers were designed for maximum traction on ice and built to last. No other ice cleat, boot spike or spur available today provides this level of extreme traction, durability and strapless on-off portability for larger style boots. 

The elastomer harness was designed to remain flexible in Arctic temps and still retain elasticity. The high grade stainless chains and 19 self cleaning, stainless cleats are engineered and strategically positioned to provide maximum traction, even on wet, glare ice or uneven ice surfaces. The ice blue color sets our cleats apart from all of the competition while maintaining a stealthy, low visibility appearance to fish or above water quarry.

Ice Hopper Creepers are currently available in size XL and XXL to fit most popular style hard water pack boots and Mickey Mouse Boots.

New Features for 2023 winter season:
-New Darker Blue Color
-Additional Catapillar Grip Toe Cleats
-Grommet Reinforced attachment points
-Chain linked heel cleat transition

XL- Fits most boots size 7-10 
XXL- Fits most boots size 11-14

Ice Hopper Creepers are OEM produced by and protected under the following US patents:
-US RE46,681 E
-US 10,750,827 B2

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