Ice Hopper Extreme Performance Schooley Replacement Handle Kit

By Ice Hopper
The Ice Hopper Extreme Performance Schooley Replacement Handle/Knob kit is a huge upgrade for your tried and true Schooley De-Ma Reel. The soft EVA Foam grip is over 1 1/4” tall and over 3/4” dia at the top. It has a unique bearing design that makes this handle light years smoother and stronger than the original plastic knob assembly while adding very little weight.

You can choose to remove the factory original knob and drill a small hole to install the Extreme Performance Handle (EPH) or remove the “bearing assembly” and simply slide the foam over the top of your original handle. The foam will tightly grip the original and will not come off with normal use.

However you choose to use the EPH, it will surely enhance the performance of your favorite Schooley Reel.

You are purchasing one handle/knob replacement kit. This kit does NOT include a reel. Some drilling maybe required.
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