Ice Hopper Weed Sickle

By Ice Hopper
Weed Sickle is a sharp edged triangular shaped stainless steel attachment, designed to be used with either a Hopp'n Pole or other handle to remove weeds from a ice fishing hole below the ice. The Weed Sickle will cut and wrap the weeds up like a fork wrapping spaghetti. When twisted, Weed Sickles directional teeth, cut and tear weeds so,that they can be brought up and out of the way of the ice angler. This technique can be used to create a man made hole in a weed bed that will attract fish and allow the angler to effectively prevent his bait, unaffected by aquatic vegetation. Create your own open patch in the weeds with Weed Sickle. Please do not discard weeds on the ice and check with local laws regarding vegetation removal and/or transport.

Weed Sickle includes 1/4-20 thumb knob for attachment to Hopp'n Pole or other handle assembles. Hopp'n Pole not included.

Please note that we no longer carry the Hopp'n Pole. So, you will have to attach to yiour own pole.
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