Ice Hopper #2 Bead Spoon Glow Aqua Girl

By Ice Hopper

Ice Hopper #2 Bead Spoon Glow Aqua Girl
w/hammered Nickel Back

Aqua Girl has a hammered Nickel back and a long lasting glow aqua side with glow pink dots! This color pattern in perfect for low light conditions as well as bright sunshine.

 John Bacarella has been making bead spoons for 30 yrs and catching jumbo perch (and other species too), all across the country.  Ice Hopper Bead spoons are made here in Michigan using John’s original design.  The combination of this spoons unique bend, balance and wide bend hook produce an irresistible flutter when dropped on a slack line and a slow lateral swim motion on tight fall. These spoons use a wide gap hook that pushes the bead farther forward than any other style bead spoon and creates a perfect angle for sure hook ups.  This spoon design has produced thousands of slab perch for John and his close friends for many years. Now you can enjoy the same success too.  

You can buy them with 6 of John’s favorite bead colors or with no bead at all. You can add your own hard bead or a soft egg, live bait or even a small tube.  The spoons will catch no matter how you chose to fish them!

$2.59 to $2.79
Bead Color
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