Palm Rod Strike Indicator PET

By Ice Hopper
These PET Strike Indicators/Spring Bobbers were designed to be used with Palm Rods.  The PET material is very temperature stable and ultra light weight. The rubber bushing is designed with two holes. The rod tip of a european style palm rod fits into one of the holes and the fishing line is threaded thru the other hole and then into the strike indicator.

Each indicator has a weight rating for and length. 

For use on a standard ice rod with a normal rod tip, one of the holes can be "split open" and the rubber bushing glued in place or the rod tip can be taken off and then inserted into the bushing before being glued back onto the rod.

Sold Individually

Small Loop
Length    Lure
IHPSS803080 80mm/3" 0.3g-0.80g
IHPSS8040100 80mm/3" 0.4g-1.0g
IHPSS1002550 100mm/4" 0.25g-0.50g
IHPSS1003570 100mm/4" 0.35-0.70g

Large Loop
Produce Code   Length   Lure Rating  
IHPSL808021 80mm/3" 0.80g-2.1g
IHPSL802045 80mm/3" 0.20g-0.45g
IHPSL804590 80mm/3" 0.45g-0.90g
IHPSL1004080 100mm/4" 0.40g-0.80g
IHPSL10060110 100mm/4" 0.45g-1.10g
IHPSL10060140 100mm/4" 0.60g-1.40g
IHPSL10070170 100mm/4" 0.70g-1.70g
IHPSL1404080 140mm/5.5" 0.40g-0.80g
IHPSL14070160 140mm/5.5" 0.70g-1.60g
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