Mark's Tiny Triple Bend

By Mark's Custom Tackle
  • Formed from a #2 Willow blade

Hard Bead Spoons are known for their ability to trigger schooling perch into a feeding frenzy and for their ability to be quickly removed from a fish's mouth and get back down to the school. But most bead spoons designs are pretty big baits. We've learned over time that there is a time an place for everything. Mark's Tiny Triples are designed to work when the less means more. They pulse hard when jigged up and seductively flutter and swim out to the side on the fall, triggering a fish's chase instinct. These little vertical jigging spoons can also be effectively used on other species of panfish like bluegills, pumpkinseed sunfish and tight lipped crappie. Like all Mark's ice fishing lures, they are 100% made in the USA! 

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