B-Y Baits Freshwater Shrimp

By B-Y Baits
B-Y Baits Freshwater Shrimp

B-Y BAITS FreshWaterShrimp is a prime example of adapting a bait to "match the hatch" of specific locations.  This bait is designed to conquer those waters where fishing can be extremely difficult because of the abundance of a natural food supply.  Often times, when fresh-water shrimp are present, fish have no interest in feeding on anything but these tasty little morsels.  Look no further than the B-Y BAITS FreshWaterShrimp to fool those predators into taking a mouthfull of plastic.

Made in the USA ice fishing micro plastic 

- 8 baits per package
- B-Y BAITS Scent infused
- Glow and UV color options
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