Guster Spoon Lg Diamond SS

By Guster Spoons
Guster Spoon Lg Diamond SS 2"

Guster Spoons are another shining example of a Michigan fishing lure that has a decades long history. The name originates from the family name that developed it many years ago. These spoons have very similar if not identical shapes and sizes to some of the originals, but are made using more modern processes and materials. But one thing hasn't changed and that is how these spoons catch perch! Also, Check out the bead inside a bead!

Every bead spoon on the market has a slightly different shape, action and vibe that it gives off and everyone that fishes them has their personal favorites. But what they all have in common is how they attract fish and how quick they can put a limit of slabs on the ice!

The Large Diamond is diamond shaped. It can produce any where from a back and forth see saw action, rapid flutter fall or sideways plane-flutter. It's relatively long length at 2" and wide flare makes it send out lots of vibrations and flash. It will fish depper water better, intimidate smaller fish and makes it easier to dislodge from a fish's mouth. When you fish bead spoons, you want to fish as big as the fish will allow you to!
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