Diamond Willow Bead Spoons (Gold)

By Diamond Willow
Diamond Willow Bead Spoons are the light weights of the Michigan hard beaded spoon family. They are still hand cut, formed and soldered one at a time from thin metal like they have for many years. They are about 1 1/4" long and really shine in shallow water applications because they fall slow and swim out to the side. This slow fall, wobble and flash, attract fish all the way down. When schooling jumbo perch, crappie, whitefish, herring or even walleye are high in the water column or just simply shallow, these light-weight bead spoons get bit hard. The bead keeps the fish from getting "stuck" on the hook for quick release and acts a target for the fish to strike. Getting fish on and off the hook fast hold the school under you and gets a feeding frenzy going, where fish will often times be waiting below you for the next drop.

Bead spoons in general are fished much like a blade bait or other spoons by ripping them up and letting them fall on a semi-tight line. There is no way to catch a faster limit of jumbo perch than with a beaded spoon. I have fished them every where that perch swim and all perch eat them up! Like any other lure, you have to figure out what colors work best on any given day.
Bead Color
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