AQUA-VU #AV715C 7" LCD 50'

By Aqua-Vu
AQUA-VU #AV715C 7" LCD 50

Key Features
  • 50' Depth Rating, 50' Cable Length
  • Live Video Feed
  • Camera with CMOS Image Sensor
  • 92° Angle of View
  • Adjustable LED Lighting
  • 7" LCD Screen with Video Out & Sunshield
  • Internal Battery & External 12V Battery
  • Padded Weatherproof Case Included
  • When fishing from a boat or pier, lower camera into the water, use the monitor to locate fish and determine species and size
  • When ice-fishing, lower camera into the water through a hole in the ice, use the monitor to view fish as they approach, see how fish react to different types of bait, lures, colors, and movements (fish and view through same hole or use one hole for fishing and another for viewing)
  • Exploring underwater sea life and environments
  • Checking waters for safety before going swimming
  • Performing inspections under your boat
  • Insert supplied cable into rear slot on camera's stabilizing fin, causing lens to point downward
  • Fin keeps camera pointed in the direction your boat is traveling
  • Raise or lower cable with your hand to move camera up and down
  • Let cable out or take it in as needed, depending on depth and boat speed
  • Recommended camera speed for optimal viewing is less than 1.7 knots / 2 mph
  • Optional, adjustable ICE-POD can be set over hole when ice-fishing and can hold cable for you
  • Optional MO-POD 3 motorized, remote-controlled unit offers convenient hands-free camera rotation
  • Camera orientation can be controlled using optional weights
Live Video
  • Camera with color CMOS image sensor
  • Does not capture video or photos, but streams live video from underwater to topside 7" color LCD monitor, which features adjustable viewing angle and flip-up sun shield for better visibility
  • Video out jack for connecting monitor to handheld camcorder, video recorder, or a larger NTSC external monitor, such as a TV. If connecting to a camcorder, you can view and record video at the same time. Use any optional RCA-style patch cord, which comes with most camcorders
  • Ideal for use on large boat with built-in video system, or in winter "fish house"
  • Adjustable LED lights to enhance your view of the world beneath the surface
  • On/Off
  • Camera LEDs
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Buttons are backlit when ambient light is low
  • Runs on rechargeable, 12V, 7Ah, sealed lead acid battery, which fits securely into monitor base
  • Included charger plugs directly into battery's port and other end goes into 120 VAC outlet
  • Charger features LED status indicator: Red for drained or charging battery, green for 80 - 100% charged battery
  • Designed to prevent overcharging
  • Fully-charged battery will operate the Aqua-Vu continuously for up to 6 hours
  • Optional larger, external 12V battery also available for powering the unit for a longer period of time
  • Supplied power cord with cigarette lighter adapter for on-the-go charging
  • Optional power cord with alligator clips available
  • Viewing system is equipped with a fuse to protect against damage if battery is improperly connected
Construction Details
  • Depth rating: 50'
  • Includes 50' of cable
  • Shaped like a black fish to avoid scaring off real fish
  • Corrosion resistant to withstand effects of saltwater
  • Features stainless steel hardware
Storage and Transport
  • Includes a padded, weatherproof protective case for safe storage and carrying
  • Sun shield doubles as screen protector for travel
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