Mark's #2 Willow w/bead

By Mark's Custom Tackle
Mark's Spoons are one of several local favorite baits here in SE Michigan. These spoons are primarily used for quickly catching Large numbers of Yellow Perch. They come from a family of baits known locally as Jack Spoons, Jack Hooks, bead hooks or Perch Spoons. Whatever you want to call them, they work! The flash and vibration from ripping the blade up, draws fish in and holds the attention of large schools of perch. The spoons tend to flutter and swim away horizontally as they fall. The bead on the hook covers up the barb and allows for quick release of perch and fast return to the school. No bait is used with this type of lure. There is no faster technique for catching huge numbers of fish than this type of lure! If you fish for perch, you may feel like you are doing something illegal after trying this technique on a school of feeding perch. Mark's Spoons are made from #2 or #3 willow leaf blades and have just the right shape, balance and form to trigger perch and other fish into striking viciously. But what makes Mark's Spoons stand out from many others is his unique and detailed paint jobs. Marks's Spoons are all made here in the USA, locally are truly works of folk, fish catching art!

Mark's makes two sizes of hand painted hard bead spoons. The smaller size uses a #2 willow blade vs the larger heavier #3.

#2 Willow approx: 2g or 1/16 oz
#3 Willow approx: 3g or 1/10 oz
$2.19 to $4.09
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