Clam Travel Cover - Pro / Legend / Legend XL

By Clam Outdoors
Clam Travel Cover #8820 Pro & Legend

Clam Travel Cover/Fish Trap X Travel Cover

Protect your shelter from the elements with the Clam Travel Cover/Fish Trap X Travel Cover, keep it from filling with snow and ice! If you plan to do a lot of running and gunning pulling your shelter by sled or ATV, a travel cover and runner kit will increase the life of your equipment. These covers are also great for protecting your gear when transporting your shelter in the back of a truck or on a trailer. Travel covers have pockets for storing straps during transit if you do not want to attach straps to the tub.


  • Protects your fish trap shelter and your gear inside your shelter tub during travel or storage
  • Fits over shelter poles and hardware
  • Comes in multiple sizes to fit your shelter
  • Includes straps and clips to attach to the sides of your shelter tub


  • 11220/8760: Scout / Trapper / Nordic Sled Sm / Scout XL
  • 112221/8820: Pro / Legend / Legend XL
  • 112226/8792: Guide/Nanook/Blazer/Nordic Sled Med.
  • 112227/8873: Kenai/Kenai Pro
  • 112222/8073: Yukon, Kodiak & Denali
  • 112592:  Voyager /Adventure /  Nordic Sled Lg / Tundra/Thermal X
  • 116049: Deluxe Travel Cover – X100
  • 112593: Deluxe Travel Cover – X200, X400
  • 105450/54050: Deluxe Travel Cover – X300
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