YUM Craw Papi

By Yum
The Craw Papi is durable, yet velvety soft to the touch. It has one of the most realistic shapes of any slim profile crawfish imitation. The natural, oversized pinchers, are filled with action. Because the Craw Papi features a solid tail, it makes a great jig trailer and can be equally effective on a Carolina or Texas rig. This petite craw packs a powerful punch. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass can't resist its perfect size and the flippy-flappy motion of the big, thin claws. Awesome rigging on a plain weedless jighead, as a bass jig trailer or Texas and Carolina rigged with tiny terminal tackle. It's also a great drop-shot bait.

Model   Length   Bag
YCRP2   2.75in 12
YCRP3   3.75in 8

$2.99 to $4.49
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