Extreme Taper Soild Fiberglass Ice Blank

Extreme Taper Soild Fiberglass Ice Blank

By Hard water innovations

Extreme Taper Solid Glass Ice Rod Blanks have some of the fastest tapers in the industry and are used by professional rod builders all across the ice belt. The needle like tips and quick transition allows these blanks to be used for many different rod building applications. The actions on 34" and 48" are often referred to generically as a "Power Noodle" action. 

Rod builders looking for a solid fiberglass ice rod blank, that has "spring bobber" qualities for the tip and plenty of guts in the midsection will love these blanks! For those that want a more stout tip, a slight trimming of the tip will yield dramatic changes. Note that the actual tip diameter of the 34 and 48 hold at 1.0mm for about 1.5” longer than the 32. This makes these blanks very soft at the tip. These blanks can be used to build ultra finesse, bullwhip or quiver stick type actions. The 32 has a soft tip, but doesn't have that additional 1.0mm long extension, which makes the action a bit stiffer at the tip.

If you're new to rod building, Please note that the solid carbon blanks are much stiffer than the solid fiberglass blanks! 

All (3) new "Trans" colors let light pass through the blank and the pigment for super cool custom look! Check out the matching aluminum winding checks and split grip spacers too.

Due to crazy increases in shipping costs for "longer" packages, we have increased flat rate shipping for rods and rod blanks to $14.99. You can save shipping if you order 6 or more blanks/rods and get the standard flate rate of $9.99.  Flat rate shipping on our ice hopper combo's is still $9.99.

Desc Length Tip
Dia @
32" Glass 31.5" 1.05mm    1.25mm    5mm
34" Glass 34" 1.05mm 1.05mm 5mm
48" Glass 47.5" 1.05mm 1.05mm 6mm
$4.99 to $9.49
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