HWI Solid Carbon Blanks

By Ice Hopper
These solid carbon ice rod blanks measure 27.5” and comes in three very versatile actions that were developed over many years of custom rod building experience. They are uncoated carbon, dark matte gray in color. With these simple, straight taper custom blanks you can create rods from Ultra Light actions to light actions simply by cutting the blank differently or even by carefully sanding the blanks as you would a fiberglass blank.

Due to crazy increases in shipping costs for "longer" packages, we have increased flat rate shipping for rods and rod blanks to $12.99. You can save shipping if you order 6 or more blanks/rods and get lower rate of $9.99.  

Blank Tip Dia. @10" Butt Dia. Length
UL/L .033"/.82mm .070" .126" 27.5"
L/ML .047"/1.2mm .086" .156" 27.5"
$10.99 to $11.99
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