Heavy Metal Tungsten Simcoe Bug

By Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal Tungsten Simcoe Bugs are new for 2021

The unique shape and balance of the Simcoe bug makes it a favorite among perch anglers. The very 1st simcoe bugs were solid lead, had very little action, but got down quick in the relatively deep waters of Lake Simcoe (where they get their name). Heavy Metal Tungsten Simcoe Bugs fish heavy with their tungsten weighted head and inner lead weighted body. Our Simcoe bugs, jiggle and dance with a naturally deady wobble. Our Unique color selection offers options for every condition and local color preference.

AHREX hooks have a unique shape which offers a very wide "bite". For smaller mouthed species like Bluegills/Sunfish and smaller perch, we Recommend the small size. The Medium and Large size are perfect for crappie, jumbo perch, trout and all game fish. Fish them naked or add live bait or your favorite soft plastics! 

Heavy Metal Tungsten Simcoe Bugs are made right here in Michigan and incorporate several key design features:
**Premium AHREX Hooks
**5.5mm Tungsten Bead Heads on Small-Large
**6.5mm Tungsten Bead Heads on Magnum

**Proprietary Super Glow Materials
**Unique custom painted tungsten beads

Size     Hook Size      Wgt Grams   Oz
Small       #10                1.5g          1/16
Medium    #8                 1.6g          1/16
Large       #6                  1.6g          1/16
Magnum   #6                  2.4g          1/12

We used to import our simcoe bugs from Canada, but were never able to get the colors that we wanted or maintain adequate supply. The pandemic and all of it's supply chain issues made it impossible for us to get them at all for more than a year.  So, like many US companies we brought the manufacturing to the USA!
$3.99 to $5.99
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