VMC Tungsten Fly Jig

Catch the BUZZZZZ! The VMC® Tungsten Fly Jig is the perfect imitator of natural flies and aquatic insects. The small compact profile delivers results. The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook which offers a wider round gap compared to other competitive micro jigs in equal sizes greatly increasing your hook rate percentage. The precision balance is amplified by a 90° hook eye which ensures the optimal horizontal position and maintains the perfect strike angle! Colors are offered in a variety of Metallic and Ultra Glow colors giving the anglers up to 15 minutes of continuous charge!

  • High Density Tungsten offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size jig head 
  • Power Gap Hook for increased hook setting power and performance 
  • Precision Balanced with 90 degree line tie keeps your jig in the perfect position at all times 
  • Rig with your Favorite Trigger X® Panfish for maximum performance
  • 2 Pack

Model Weight
TFJ164 1/64 14
TFJ132 1/32 12
TFJ116 1/16 10
$5.49 to $5.99
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