Hopper Topper 4

By Ice Hopper
The Hopper Topper is back in the latest verion: Hopper Topper 4

The Hopper Topper 4 is more than just a bucket lid or bucket top seat. It's really part of a system of ice mobility.

As always, function and durability on the ice is what it's all about. The Hopper Topper 4's laminated foam is the same as always, as its its easy on and off 4 tab lid (minus the tab removed during manufacture...lol).  There are two layers of foam, 1/2" of open cell foam on the bottom provides some cushion without bulk and the closed cell top layer provides a durable surface for the automotive push pin style fasteners to bite into. Other seats/bucket tope rely on adhesive to hold them togther, but learned long ago that just doesn't work long term when dealing with ice fishing temps.

The cut out on the bucket lid allows for rod tips to protrude from the bucket and makes adding fish simple and quick, while the laminated foam flapper keeps most of the elements out and can act as a temporary hook keeper when changing jig colors. This flapper opens with little resistance but will still help keep rods from bouncing around and getting tangled. 

Fits most 5,6 and 7 gallon buckets and is a perfect compliment to our Hopp'n Bucket Rig and Sonic Ice Hopper System.
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