HWI Tipsie Dust PyroCrystalline Epoxy

By Ice Hopper
If you’re a rod builder or simply a fisherman the does their own basic rod repairs like tip changes, Tipsie Dust will make your life a whole lot easier!  

Tipsie dust is a hot melt Crystalline powder that melts at just under 250 degrees F. It flows smoothly and forms a strong permanent bond that can not be easily be broken unless reheated.  Unlike other rod tip adhesives that are nothing more than hot glue used in glue guns, Tipsie Dust WILL securely hold your rod tip in place without any additional wrapping or liquid epoxy application.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Tipsie dust is the easiest product on the market to apply to the inside of a tip top.  Simply scoop up enough crystals into the tip top to almost fill the tube, cover the open end with your finger tip and blow off the excess crystals. Heat the tip (we recommend using an alcohol burner) until the powder melts taking care not to ignite the powder. Quickly insert the rod tip into the tip top and gently rotate into position. We have found that reheating the tip and rotating once or twice before leaving it in correct alignment evenly distributes the epoxy and provides the best bond.

Please not that like many plastic products, Tipsie Dust in not intended for human consumption and burning it will cause harmful fumes.  Please use in a well ventilated area.

Sold in 1oz wide mouth jars
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