Hydro Glow Fishing Light-1foot

By Hydro Glow Lights
Ice Fishing at night is rapidly becoming a common and productive method of fishing on the ice. Just as during warmer months, fishing with lights under the ice attracts many species of fish to the light. Small bait fish migrate to the light feeding on microscoptic plankton. As the schools of baitfish move to the light, so do the predators.By placing a Hydro Glow Light under the ice the food chain begins. A common technique is to move out about 20 feet from the light and drill a circular series of holes. This way you are fishing multiple holes catching the fish as they migrate with the baitfish. Another series of holes can be fished even further away from the light at approximated 40'. As you now are fishing a very much larger area than before.

  • High illumination capabilities
  • 360 degree light pattern
  • Virtually unbreakable construction
  • Very energy efficient light source
  • 80,000 LED average life rating
  • 20 foot long cord
  • 12 volt DC powered
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