Micro Snaps

By Ice Hopper
Micro Snaps are every fisherman’s friend! Tying knots and threading line through tiny eyes takes time. Time spent out of the water  means less opportunity to catch fish. Micro Snaps save time by making it faster to change baits. Other quick change snaps or clips use thick wire or are difficult to hold onto.

Micro Snaps extra long length below the eye makes them much easier to tie and to hold when threading onto your ice jig or fly. An extra long starting tab also makes it easier to start into your jig or hook eyelet. Micro Snaps are made using extra fine diameter, heat treated steel. The small size is so tiny that you can even use it on tiny tungsten jigs like  the 3mm Tungsten in the photo.

Let your jigs hang freely and speed up your lure changing with Micro Snaps.

Sold 10 per pack
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