Little Atom NUGGIES

By Little Atom

The 1.5" long Nuggie tail from Little Atom is a must have in any ice fishermans arsenal. The Nuggies tail is irresistible to feeding fish as the Nuggies tail has an elusive action and resembles natural prey.The Nuggies tail was designed for ice fishing but has won a special place in the stealheaders vest as well. The Nuggies tail features a patented salmon-egg like front section with a protruding tail section. The salmon-egg like front section of the Nuggies tail allows for easy cold finger hooking without hindering action of the tail, thus the Nuggies tail is a super bait for year-round fishing for many species of fish. Baits are impregnated with Anise based C-9 formula.

6 Per Pack

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