Perch Slammer Spoon Stiletto

By Hard water innovations

The Stiletto Spoon is made in Eastern Europe, where they are ver serious about their perch fishing and where the perch grow to huge sizes. These spoons are plated with real Gold and Silver for an incredibly bright, highly reflective finish. The knife-like shape and relatively thick cross section give the Stiletto Spoon a highly erratic action when jigged. Rip it up and let it drop on a slack line and watch it flutter, swim and dart un predictably. Tip it with a maggot, waxworm or small soft plastic to seal the deal. You can also dead stick it with a grub or minnow too. 

These spoons are narrow enough to even thread into a small panfish tube. If you’ve never tried that presentation, you

Stiletto Spoons are solid brass and come with a welded ring for direct attachment.

30mm size weighs approx 1/16 oz or 1.6g
40mm size weighs approx 1/8 oz or 3.75g

$5.49 to $5.99
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