Perch Slammer Spoon The Dagger

By Ice Hopper
Perch Slammer Spoons are forged from the other Heavy Metal, Brass. The spoons are then polished to a mirror finish before being plated with either Copper, Silver or Gold and then polished again. The unique shapes, thicknesses and balance points of these spoons create actions that fish simply can't resist. These baits were developed over decades of fishing in lands often covered in ice for many months every year. But don't let the name fool you, these spoons will catch just about everything that swims, including walleye, Trout, Pike, Whitefish and yes monster jumbo Perch! All perch Slammer Spoons fall quickly into the strike zone. The chemically sharpened Maruto hooks have a wide round bend and are super sticky sharp. Unlike other spoons that sport treble hooks, Perch Slammer Spoons sport single hooks that are brazed into the brass body. These hooks keep fish on, until you decide it's time to come off. That's when having a single hook is a big deal, as fish can be quickly removed and the jig redeployed quickly before the school moves on.

Fish these spoons packed with maggots or tipped with a minnow head or your favorite live bait. Or you can fish them like we do here in the Great Lakes region with a soft rubber ball like our Perch Eggs, Jensen Eggs or some other soft salmon egg imitation. A small 1" tube, Nuggie Tail or other soft plastic will also fish well. Many fishermen will slide a hard plastic bead over the barb of the hook and fish barbless for the ultimate in quick unhooking efficiency.

Fish these spoons with a rip-drop motion followed by a pause and tickle-tickle. Make sure you leave time for the spoon to swing or "swim" back to the vertical position, as these spoons will fall with varying degrees of horizontal motion depending on the model and how you fish it. That's one of the secrets.

Size (mm/inch):35mm/1.4". 45mm/1.75" 
Weight(gr/oz):2.2- 1/13oz 4.4-1/26oz
Hook:№8 №6
$4.99 to $5.99
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