Perch Slammer Spoon Willow Dropper

By Ice Hopper
The Willow Dropper is a rather slender spoon with a willow leaf shape, made in Russia . Unlike traditional stamped willow shaped spoons, this spoon is forged from brass and then plated with either real gold, silver or copper. They are highly polished and have a beaded/epoxy, chain dropper hook. These are some of the smallest dropper style spoons you will find and are perfect for finicky perch or other panfish. The seductive flash of this spoon combined with it's brightly colored hook, trigger strikes from otherwise negative fish.

Available in 3 sizes and gold, silver or copper plate! Additional Dropper Chains sold separately.

Spoons Sold Per Each

Size 30mm/1.18 in. 40mm/1.57 in. 50mm/1.96 in.
Weight 1.6 g/1/16 oz 3.5 g/1/8 oz 6.6 g/1/4 oz
$5.99 to $6.49
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